THAÏS & STRÖE and Afri Cola for BFW ss 2017

When two minimalist brands feel that they are compatible by having the same vision and similar principals, shows up a really stately collection – aFree.
Palms, which are the symbol of THAÏS & STRÖE` s partners- afri cola, have always signified peace, victory and fertility, while nowadays they easily lead our thoughts to tropics and long expected holidays.
For the latest edition of Bucharest Fashion Week, the brand decided to went further than a simple fashion show, creating a really emotional moment. aFree collection means freedom from prejudice and involves new aesthetics. It is all about black and white, simple forms and structures-being totally inspired by palms. They succeeded to create a balance between the message and the show, by making primordial comfort and naturalness. The minimalist spirit made the difference and managed to build an emotional connection between guests and designers.

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