White, black and all the gray in between – this is the scenario behind Phobia. The collection is inspired by the overcome of phobias. Phobia shows the complex path from to state of fear to the state of courage, by careful juggling with shapes, shadows and lights.

Starting from the deep dark, with black fabrics, associated with elegance and mystery, the collection ends into the pure white, the colour of perfection, honesty, cleanliness and exactitude, passing through the color of a cloud-covered sky, of ash and of lead, with some calm waves and rough interferences of white and black.

The Collection Phobia is defined by geometric patterns and minimalist silhouettes that flatter a large variety of body shapes. The fabrics and cuts respond the need of a very active person to be comfortable and wear versatile items.

A cross between casual and elegant, comfort and smart design, Phobia resides with the scandinavian style of THAÏS & STRÖE.


Minimal is about an urban fairy-tale pictured in a mixed landscape: concrete and iron, on one hand, sky and sun on the other hand. It seems that we are in the need of comfort more than never. Both physical and mental comfort. This collections comes like an answer to those needs. It is simple but for complicated minds, cosy and cool, easy  to adapt for various moments of the day and the night.


Capsule collection inspired from the elegance of the most emblematic mind sport – chess. Garments are designed for cocktail evenings and other events. Someof them are also suitable for day wear, if combined with more casual pieces. Models: Corina Bircă & Beatrice Botezatu, Photo: Elastic Studio, Makeup: Roxana Ursuleac


A white story about identity, past, future and culture, chronicled in a minimalist atmosphere, O N E N E S S is a collection that took shape/came into being after an extensive search into our selves, encompassing in seven letters the whole outcome of an experience in identifiying in spirit an unseen power that ties us all together. Instead of words we used shapes, instead of letters, we used shades.