THAÏS & STRÖE is an apparel brand based in Bucharest. With minimalist and clean aesthetics, it creates chic and comfortable ready to wear garments for the modern woman and man.

THAÏS & STRÖE means more than a fashion brand, it is a conglomerate of creativity and vision. The clothes are designed to transmit emotions, to be comfortable, to offer coziness and make the person who wears them feel powerful.

The garments are created with personalized fabrics very carefully selected and manufactured by skilful hands. The two designers do believe that more than to emphasise a body, clothes are meant to highlight a personality.


The founders, Thais Coman and Oana Stroe, are two fashion designers who have had their formation in Bucharest and Bologna. Oana and Thais met before signing up for the National University of Arts, during the admission process. They had many fashion projects together before founding THAÏS & STRÖE and they had the opportunity to study fashion design in Italy at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.


Thais followed a creative path from a very early age. She began by drawing sketches and then developing ideas into garments. After graduating high school, she moved for six month to Korea where she immersed herself in the culture and especially their way to create fashion. She loves to travel, mostly because she lets herself be inspired by people and places and she pays close attention drawing ideas from street style. Thais studied fashion illustration for six months prior to completing her university studies, where she majored  in fashion design.


Oana has inherited the passion for fashion design from her family. The know-how of making patterns and manipulating textiles has been transmitted from generation to generation. With this background, she concluded that her studies should be focusing on economy and art. Therefore she first graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, and then she earned another degree in fashion design. She takes her inspiration from almost everything she finds in nature, art, literature, innovation. Oana is always on the move, trying to discover the best in people, places and different cultures.

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